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Every family has their holiday traditions. Growing up, my family’s Thanksgiving traditions were to watch the Macy’s parade, cheer on the Detroit Lions, not be surprised when the Lions inevitably lose, eat a turkey that was really enough for a small army, and call everyone we couldn’t see. My mom always had this dream though. She always wanted all of her children to be together. Given how far away everyone lived and life just getting in the way, it was really only possible a few times. The last time was in 2000. For twelve years, my mom would mention how she really just wanted everyone to be together. This year, it finally happened. The happiness on my mom’s face was immeasurable, and that made absolutely everything worth it. The stress that my brother was going through gave way to showing how proud he was of his son whose football team came just barely lost their championship game the week before. The smile my sister has doesn’t show how much pain she was in from her MS. Things haven’t always been perfect, but in the few hours that we got to spend together, things were exactly how they should be, and that’s something to truly be thankful for.


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