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Nicole and Matt – White Columns Country Club Wedding

Nicole and Matt’s preview told some of the story leading up to their wedding. This is a bit more of the story of the actual day. What the pictures don’t show is that Nicole had been awake since 4am with her sick son and that she had been just as sick the day before. Instead, they show how she cried when she read the card from Matt. They show how happy they were to see each other in their first look. They show the love that surrounded them on their wedding day. Even though Kaden wasn’t feeling well all day, he was able to join Matt and Nicole during the last of the formals after their ceremony and later danced his little heart out on the dance floor. The road leading up to their wedding may have had some twists and turns and their wedding day itself may not have gone perfectly smoothly, but Nicole and Matt handled it all with such grace.

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