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Jeff, Kelly, and Meredith – Sweetwater Creek Family Session

This family session is something special. Not only had Meredith just turned six months old, but it was also their first session together as a family as Jeff had recently just come home from being deployed. On top of that, they were also getting ready to set out on a new adventure – a cross-country move to California. After doing a bit of stalking of the weather forecast, we decided on a somewhat last minute reschedule, and I’m so glad we did. We were able to spend a gorgeous evening at Sweetwater Creek State Park, a place where Kelly and Jeff used to hang out during high school and the same spot where we had done their pregnancy announcement session last year.

Jeff, Kelly, and Meredith, it’s been so wonderful getting to photograph all of your big events from your wedding reception to now. I wish you all the best in California, and I look forward to seeing y’all when you come back home to Georgia!
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