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I believe in embracing the unique, the individual, the different. PINIMAGE

It’s a value my mother sought to instill in me from when I was young, and it’s something that I still hold very close. It took me a long time and moving to a better place to finally listen to her teaching me to not be afraid to chase whatever it is that makes me blissfully happy, and I stand by that today. She encouraged my love of music, dance, books, and art. She may not have been thrilled with the idea of her teenage daughter having blue and purple hair, but she still helped me with the dye. When I made the decision to get my first tattoo, she was there with me when I went to get it done. When Stephen and I were planning our own wedding, she was the first to say that my gold wedding dress was perfect for me. I’m confident and proud to be who I am and thankful for my friends and family who appreciate that about me. I believe that everyone deserves to share those feelings, all people truly are equal, and they’re great just being who they are.

Because of my mom, I realise just how important it is to never hide who you are and to honour traditions because they mean something to you, not just because that’s what is supposed to happen. These beliefs carry in to every aspect of my photography and why I explore what is most important to you, your relationship, and your family to create honest photography of the things that matter most and define your story.

Our wedding images credit of Sharon Wheaton of Alternative Life Photography and Design. Other image credit of Stephen, the guy in those wedding pictures.