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A navy wedding dress. An intimate ceremony with no formal bridal party yet still recognising those who are closest to them. DIY elements throughout everything. The wedding in the bride’s hometown of Savannah. Tiffany and Mike had meaning throughout their entire wedding and it truly reflected who they are both individually and as a couple, making for an incredibly special day.


Tiffany’s something borrowed was her beautiful birdcage veil from one of her best friends, Elyse. On Elyse’s own wedding day, she decorated the mannequin as a way of staying calm. The mannequin made her own special appearance on Tiffany’s wedding day too. SavannahWeddingPhotography_0002PINIMAGE SavannahWeddingPhotography_0003PINIMAGE SavannahWeddingPhotography_0004PINIMAGE SavannahWeddingPhotography_0005PINIMAGE SavannahWeddingPhotography_0006PINIMAGE

Tiffany hadn’t planned on wearing two different dresses. She had known that she wanted a navy wedding dress, but when she tried on the off white, Jackie O inspired Amsale dress, it was as if it had been made with her in mind too. It turned out to be the perfect reception dress for her. SavannahWeddingPhotography_0007PINIMAGE

While Mike knew that Tiffany wouldn’t be wearing a white dress for their ceremony, he had no idea what colour she would be wearing. Tiffany gave him this tie on their wedding day as a way to let him know. It also reflected Mike’s love of maps. As an additional small surprise, she included some change in the gift bag as a nod to Mike’s affinity for coins. SavannahWeddingPhotography_0009PINIMAGE SavannahWeddingPhotography_0010PINIMAGE SavannahWeddingPhotography_0011PINIMAGE SavannahWeddingPhotography_0012PINIMAGE SavannahWeddingPhotography_0013PINIMAGE SavannahWeddingPhotography_0014PINIMAGE SavannahWeddingPhotography_0015PINIMAGE SavannahWeddingPhotography_0016PINIMAGE SavannahWeddingPhotography_0017PINIMAGE SavannahWeddingPhotography_0018PINIMAGE SavannahWeddingPhotography_0019PINIMAGE

Tiffany had always wanted to have a very intimate ceremony with just their closest family and friends. When they sent their wedding invitations, they included a note to let people know that their ceremony would be taking place at 1:00 at Lafayette Square and to come if they would like. Though it was in a very public area in Savannah, it made for a very private, intimate ceremony. SavannahWeddingPhotography_0020PINIMAGE

Tiffany and Mike worked to create a very custom ceremony. In addition to traditional vows, they also wrote their own. When their officiant, who was a mutual friend from college, pronounced them married, he pronounced them “mutually weird” before announcing they were husband and wife. SavannahWeddingPhotography_0021PINIMAGE SavannahWeddingPhotography_0022PINIMAGE

Rather than have a full formal bridal party, they asked those closest to them to wear silver. It didn’t matter exactly what colour or style as long as it made them feel beautiful. SavannahWeddingPhotography_0023PINIMAGE

Being from the Savannah area, it was important to Tiffany to take time to take pictures in many areas of the town, so Mike rented a vintage Cadillac convertible to take them around the city. SavannahWeddingPhotography_0024PINIMAGE SavannahWeddingPhotography_0025PINIMAGE SavannahWeddingPhotography_0034PINIMAGE SavannahWeddingPhotography_0026PINIMAGE

One of the central themes of their wedding was You’re My Cup of Tea. Tiffany scoured online to collect the right tea pots for the centerpieces. She also included how to make some of her favourite types of tea. The tea bags even made an appearance in their wedding favours, along with Earl Grey lip balm from Savannah Bee Company. SavannahWeddingPhotography_0027PINIMAGE SavannahWeddingPhotography_0029PINIMAGE SavannahWeddingPhotography_0035PINIMAGE SavannahWeddingPhotography_0030PINIMAGE

Rather than have a champagne toast, they opted instead to have a beer toast. Lady and Sons Restaurant was able to make it a little extra special by even offering the same type of local beer from Washington that they had celebrated their engagement with. SavannahWeddingPhotography_0028PINIMAGE SavannahWeddingPhotography_0031PINIMAGE

The rest of the evening was spent surrounded by friends and family, and there’s not a better way to celebrate than that. SavannahWeddingPhotography_0032PINIMAGE SavannahWeddingPhotography_0033PINIMAGE