Beatific Photography » Atlanta wedding and portrait photographer who believes in creating honest photographs of the things that matter most to you and respects who you are.

My Philosophy


Your photographs should explore the stories of your wedding and family from your perspective, not just be a series of images that show details without understanding and respecting the things that matter most to you. The traditions you stick with have meaning to you and aren’t chosen just because they’re supposed to be. Whether it’s wearing a blue wedding dress or showing your shared love of music in the details of your wedding, or having your family session in your home or at a park where you go camping together every year, those are things that define you, your relationship, and your family.

I believe in always being yourself and being proud of who you are because of the happiness I found in embracing and standing for just who I am. From my beliefs in self-expression, equality, and choosing to have meaning from within your relationship in every element of your lives together, I explore what is most important to you, your relationship, and your family to create honest photography of the things that matter most and define your story.